General Information 
Questions and Answers
1.  What is the cost of a pup? 
             Both Male and Female Rat Terrier's are $650

This price is for a limited akc pup. (pet only, not for breeding) If you wish to have one for breeding or showing (full akc) the price is more.  Ask for details.

2.   Does the puppy come with shots? Worming?
             Yes, the pups get their first shots at 7.5 wks. of age and are
              wormed three times with Strongid-T and have a series of Safeguard.

3.   Do you ship?
             Yes, we ship in the U.S. This generally adds $ 350.00
              to the price of the pup.  Two pups can be shipped together for
              $425.  Shipping includes airfare, pet taxi
              and vet health certificate to travel.  

4.   What is needed to 'hold' a pup until purchase date.
             You need to contact us by e-mail or by phone and then 
              a $ $200.00 deposit needs to be sent to hold a certain pup
              until date of purchase.  

5.   Do you take credit cards? cash only?
              We do not take credit cards.  A money order or cash is
              needed on the day of purchasing your pup.  A personal 
              check may be sent for a deposit. We also accept Paypal
              payments through our email address of

6.   Where do I send a deposit?
             Please call us for mailing information.  If you wish to visit
             or deliver a deposit, again please call for directions and
               360-224-0903 (leave a message) Thanks
email me