Bella Sunning
Riker Jumping
Katie and Sam, beach bums
Reese Celebrating
Sadie and Moose Relaxing
Dino and Ramses Relaxing 
Remi Camping
Willie and Nelson Looking
Lady Bug riding
Ritzie and Catcher on guard
Ricci walking
Moot and Tort in action
Jessie and Joey showing off
Daisy in red
Vader at attention
Rico and Roxy watching
Akira's sleep over
Stormy taking a break
Trixie, Whickers and Midge being attentive
Chloe at Christmas
Harley and his watchful eye
Midge quiet and playful
Remi begging
Kiya and her cache
Sitara beachcombing
Sienna and Lucca, peering pair
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Some of our former Rat Terrier pups
Olli enjoying the view
Casey trying to be an adult
Bella taking it easy
Zeus resting
Daisy enjoying her bone
Henrick out with Hally
Albert and his winnings
Sifton, top bear tracker
Isaac ready to play
Zeke, enjoying nature
Jaco, as "Best Dog"
Daisy out and about
Benny and Lilly relaxing
Bo taking a break
Albert and his Daughters
Angus  taking it easy
Sophie, the little friend of Trigger
Jamaica, doing what she loves best!
 Lucy and Belle Cuttin up at  Christmas time
Zoey ready for the ball
Whickers and Whammie, double trouble
Edward wanting to drive
Lexi ready to ride
Tater and Co. at play
Poncho jumping an 8 ft creek...easy
Mya in Mexico
Jux...on the prowl
Frances out for a ride
Gigi enjoying the snow...and the sun
Princess Bella
Princess Bella
Daisy out and about
Molly catching some rays
Kaia and Tesla in their new home in Austria...what a move!
 Rusty exploring the beach
  Zha Zha and Valentino WANT IN!
Casey.......................cooling off