Lily Playing
Cool Camper
Razz snoozing
Karmon Rose Flying
Willie and Nelson Looking
Renny ready to play
Faolan Posing
Baxter celebrating
Sara and Darcie dressed up
Bailey dressed down
Minnie's portrait
Tippy Watching
Mischa and Sophie lookin good
Cadence collecting sunshine
Roxy adoring
Fargo, Brigette and Chloe strolling
Roxy ready to relax
Kiwi already relaxed
Lucy having 'time out'
Sara Jessica winning your heart
Romeo a WSU fan
Butch being brave
Lucy and Scamp, bed bugs
Sophie the ball girl
Tippy and Encore heading out
Harley in his hoody
Sweet Cisco
email me
Some of our former Papillon pups
Teddy Pawzing
Yoda having sno much fun
Kiko winding down
Angel and Roxy, sychrnonized snoozing
Alex enjoying life
Dolly in the sunlight
Bailey listening
Reggie being a shy guy
Razz bright eyed
Kirby at attention
Rico on duty as service dog
Ava on the go and sitting pretty
Zerxes, bright eyed and getting shut eye
Candy Boy, sweet as can be
Thorfinna in the moolight
Sookie and Sasha lounging
Sara playing ball
Jersey winding down
Bella in her favorite place
Max... looking good
"the better to hear you with, my dear!"....says Joey
Mylee ready to go walking
Buddy, Hero and Ellie posing "picture perfect!"
Mylee and Harley on an outing
Nelson totally stumped!
Zeller hanging out
Beau and Belle, King and Queen of the stairs
...and everywhere else!
Bo on "Stop", Bo on "Go"
Lola and Papillon Playtime
Ella's face close and 'maybe' too close
Snow is sooo much fun for Dakota
Bandit taking a break
Maggie and Suzi 'paws' for a picture