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NuVet Plus Review

  We have been using NuVet for many years now. Our dogs and puppies have benefitted greatly from this wonderful product. Their health, inside and out is superb. We get compliments on how our dogs coat's shine and how their stamina stands out to warrant attention. NuVet helps our dogs physically, but we also feel it helps them mentally. Our dogs are sharp, attentive, and happy. Their enthusiasm and playfulness, even as aging adults, is remarkable. We cannot commend NuVet enough on the quality of their product and the results that it displays in our dogs and puppies. Our pups absolutely love the powder formula and the transition over from 'mom' to soft food goes wonderfully with the NuVet Plus powder sprinkled on top. NuVet powder has double the liver flavor and the young ones lick up every morsel, which they do because of the taste, which I love because of the benefits. Weaning can be a stressful time for pups, but NuVet helps their immunes system's develop and strengthen so that we experience a smooth transition.

When we send our pups home with their new 'puppy parents' they all go home with a starter sample of NuVet. Our puppy packets contain information and this sample of the powder formula. We strongly recommend that our pup's new owners continue to feed NuVet for the welfare and many benefits that this product bestows.

We also have had many people who have existing pets at home with health issues and when they put their Clearbrook pup on NuVet they also put their other dog on it as well. To their delight they have reported back to me of wonderful success when using NuVet. NuVet has been the remedy for hotspots, when nothing else seemed to help, arthritis, when a dog was no longer able to play and be active as once was, for a cancer stricken dog to regain strength and resume an active life, and many, many more good reports and happy dog owners. They all said the same thing to me, "Please promote this product, it truly works and we are so happy with the results!"

So I am very happy to promote NuVet for my own dog's sake and the sake of all of the dogs that give so much for our enjoyment in life. A happy dog brightens our day, heart and home.

Thanks NuVet Labs for all your hard work and dedication to such a wonderful product, but more than that, to the health and happiness of our 'best friends'.
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